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"VDetaly" is the first company in Russia – a specialized supplier of consumables and technological equipment for the corrugated industry. We offer innovative solutions to improve the technological efficiency of equipment and the production of new and special types of products.


We are a group of young, energetic people united by a common goal. Our internal structure is organized to ensure maximum operational work with you.

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GT Group is the largest group of Russian companies working in the pulp and paper industry. It carries out professional activity in supplying high-tech equipment for paper, cardboard and packaging production, as well as equipment for production of disposable tableware, paper bags and molded pulp products. Headquarters is located in St. Petersburg.

- Turnkey construction of full-cycle production facilities and plants in Russia and CIS countries. 

- Dozens of successfully completed projects of regional and federal levels. 

- European quality.

- The group of companies is one of the top 3 industry leaders and is a representative of the world's leading equipment manufacturers.

- The group provides and implements the most advanced technological solutions on the market: an innovative approach to the production of high quality products of any complexity from paper, optimization of in-plant logistics, reducing production costs and reducing jobs while increasing production capability.

GT Group pays special attention to areas with maximum growth potential - cardboard, paper of various kinds, and corrugated products (corrugated cardboard - corrugated packaging, individual packaging).

To build plants, strategic programs are developed and implemented to introduce modern technologies brought from Europe, Japan, Italy, Korea and other countries of the world, allowing plants to operate efficiently at high capacity, constantly reducing costs and increasing profitability. The work of the Group's companies, well-organized for many years, makes it possible to build new plants and modernize existing ones in the shortest possible time.

Direct and active participation in the enterprises development, new technologies implementation, profitable business creation for our Customers according to all canons of world manufacturers, customer focus and practical assistance in solving problems at paper production facilities of any complexity, all this has helped the Group to take a leading position in the market of Russia and CIS countries.

"VDetaly" LLC is a specialized supplier of consumables and technological equipment for the corrugated industry.
"Gofro Technology" LLC is a supplier of premium high—performance equipment from Europe, Japan, Korea, America, etc.
"CBP-Service" LLC is a supplier of equipment for the pulp and paper industry.
"Petromash Service" LLC is a supplier of high—quality Taiwanese corrugated equipment at competitive prices.
We want to become experts in improving the efficiency of corrugated cardboard packaging plants
We want our industry to be among the leaders of the Russian economy in innovation and efficiency
We unite people according to their professional vocation, creating an atmosphere and investing in them for their maximum personal and professional growth and achieving high incomes
We unite industry professionals, international and domestic experience in our team to develop, supply, implement and service various solutions that ensure maximum operational efficiency of each client's production
Anton Letuchiy
General Manager
Aleksandr Mirza
Director of Development
Elvira Prikhodchenko
Project Manager for Business Process Automation
Anton Shmatov
Commercial Director
Ivan Sumenkov
Head of the Technical Department
Olga Shabotina
Head of Technology and Service Department
Vladislav Valov
Sales Manager
Vladislav Sheleyko
Sales Manager
Daria Vanchurova
Sales Manager
Yulia Kalugina
Sales Manager (spare parts)
Olga Kurmacheva
Product & Service Manager
Lidiia Kuznetsova
Design Engineer
Mikhail Kuznetsov
Service Engineer
Evgeny Zakharchuk
Service Engineer
Yulia Strelets
Manager of Purchase and Logistics Department
Valeriia Sulzhenko
Manager of Purchase and Logistics Department
Natalia Prikazchikova
Senior Financial Accounting Manager
Elena Dobrovolskaya
Manager of Management Accounting
Anna Lyakhova
Manager of Management Accounting
Andrey Levchenko
Deputy Head of the Warehouse
Alena Ariukova
Office manager
Lyudmila Reshetnyak



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